Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Are you ready for this?

You know if you read the title this song probably popped in your head... so here you go!

But, the more appropriate questions is am I ready for this?

SSUSA is only a few days away, so I am hitting the road tomorrow morning.  Yes, the road.  1200 miles and 19 hours.  And on Sunday we'll turn around and do the whole thing over again... in one day.  Hey, did you catch that I said "we" there?  Originally a bunch of people were going.  Then it was me in the pterodactyl all alone.  Then Dicky got tipsy and really excited about it and was in.  Then he wasn't.  Then, just a few days ago another local Faster Muastache-er jumped on board.  Now Zac and myself will tackle this beast of a trip.  Here is the itinerary as it stands.

Thursday morning we bogey the heck out of Charlotte and head north, for about 13 hours and some change (which should get us to Mackinaw Michigan) to a sweet free camping spot I found on the internerds.  Legit.  There is a whole site for finding free camping!!  Some of it is for our RV friends, but some works for us mortals with tents and whatnot.  Check it out.  The site gets a little wonky sometimes, but it's finding free stuff, so relax already!

The next morning we'll get up, head over the bridge and drive a little over 3 hours to Marquette where we will hit up the South Marquette Trails.  From there we only have 2 hours and 45ish minutes to Copper Harbor!!  Unfortunately... we don't get to go straight to Copper Harbor.  You see, it's a tiny little town and there are no places left to stay... camping sites, motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts (well, I wasn't getting that fancy) are all booked.  So the closest open place was a hotel in Calumet Michigan - 34 miles south of Copper Harbor.  Not too bad - the map says it will take anywhere from 45-60 minutes to drive up in the morning for the race.  There wasn't much in the way of forests (at least on the map) for covert camping closer to the race, but it's all good.  

Saturday we race (starts at 10) and then the festivities ensue.  I'm really not feeling the long haul on Sunday, so our plan is to enjoy ourselves but not go too crazy on Saturday (we shall see...) and head out of town Saturday evening heading towards home about 2.5 hours to another freeish (maybe a $5 donation) camping site.  I figure 2.5 hours isn't solo bad of a drive Saturday evening (if we are in shape to do it) and it will make some - even if it's small - impact on the drive back Sunday.

Monday morning, bright and early, it's back to work for me.  Teacher's workday.  If all hell breaks lose and something happens that we don't make it through Sunday back home it's "ok."  I could take the day if I need it.  But I would rather not as we have a new counselor starting this year and I'd like to be there to help her get settled... while I fall asleep at my desk.

Oh, and then last night TheMutt texts me... meeting at the Kickstand tonight... trivia, shenanigans, and beers.... exactly what I don't need tonight.  Apparently Niner Mike is bringing his little kiddos so he promises an "early night."  I'm not exactly sure if that's possible, but we will see.

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