Thursday, December 5, 2013


2014 is already starting to take shape with events. So far I'm looking at events that will be pushing my limits. And by the looks of things, it won't just be my legs putting in the miles. I have 4 events (6 if you consider each Snake Creek Gap TT as a separate event, and I suppose I should since it covers three consecutive months!) in 4 different states!

First up, the Snake. And the Snake is coming fast!  January, February, and March I will be driving down to Georgia 5 1/2 hours each way/each time... yikes!  I think this is the first time I actually looked at how long it would take. That is a bear!  The positive: each race is on Saturday so I have Sunday to recover. I might have to look at taking the Friday before off so I'm not so tired at the start from driving down after work... We'll see. There is a belt buckle on the line after all!

Next up is the Dragon's Tale in Virginia. I just added this yesterday when D-Wayne invited me, so I know nothing about it. From talking with him it sounds like the area has trails right up my alley so I'm jumping in with blind faith, but I'll do more research soon. Just checked and it's 3 1/2 hours away. After I  told the facebooks that I was going Dicky posts up this gem. 

Great... what did I just get myself into?

Next up is SSUSA. I missed last year because school started around the weekend of the event so I couldn't take the time for the road trip, but this year I'm good to go!  Where is it this year?  Michigan. But not just "Michigan," Upper Peninsula Michigan... 19-20 hours away!!  D-Wayne has committed, TheMutt is doing the hokie pokie over there and hasn't officially put his foot in the ring here... but in any event this will be a road trip. It will be broken down with ride stops on the way there/back - so who knows how long/how many rides will be included in this adventure?  I just have to make sure I'm back for work on Tuesday August 12... hopefully we can manage that.

And my final event on the docket so far... the Brunswick Brawl. I got to see how my body handled a 6 hour event and had a blast doing it this year, so of course I'll be back!  I'm looking forward to improving my performance and enjoying those fun trails again!  So far it's my only race right here in North Carolina and it's only 3 1/2 hours away.... 

Good lord the pterodactyl will be pilling on the miles this year!

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