Monday, December 30, 2013

Broken News

I've spent the first week of winter break sleeping past 10 am - so inadvertently there have been no updates here, but you already knew that.

By now some of you know some things about my news.  There have been social media updates and pictures, questions answered here and there, but the whole story isn't completely out there yet - and it's time to get it there before I forget about it.

It all started one evening as I was sitting on the couch "watching" something or other on the television and perusing the Facebook.  Dirt Rag had a teaser of a picture up of a bike they would be riding/reviewing at sscxwc so did my best "Magnum PI" on the picture and found myself on the Asylum Cycles website.

From there I learned a couple things about the bike and about the company.  First, damn that is a sweet looking bike.  Second, man this sounds like a company with the right vision - Take a bicycle, add dirt to taste, blend at high speed, and the rest of the world disappears.

From there I came across the Demon Spawnsorship Program.  Again, they struck a chord with what they were looking for: Asylum has always been committed to helping the privateer racer, the weekend warrior, and the dedicated dirt bag... We’re looking for an enthusiasm not just for traditional racing, but for dirt culture in general. If you participate in un-sanctioned fire road races, outlaw ‘cross events, and are involved in your local cycling scene, we want to hear from you.

Hey, that's me!  I had been searching for my next bike - trying to figure out what could round out my herd (stable and quiver are used WAY too much) and with the passing of relatives I had recently come into some money so a new bike could be a reality.  As I sat on the couch perusing the website and ultimately the Demon Spawnsorhip application I knew this was a company I could be down with.  After all, the application itself had some interesting questions - if nothing else I was going to have fun filling out the application.

Well, I guess the guys over at Asylum enjoyed reading my answers as much as I enjoyed providing them - the next morning I got an email inviting me to be a grassroots rider for Asylum!  Holler Atcha Boy!  They even extended me the honor of being the NC representative for the CX Pistols.

It didn't take long to give them my answer - a psyched YES!  And soon the cogs were turning to get my Meuse over to me.  I of course went the sscx route.  So what does this all mean, am I going to be racing cx now?  Not much is going to change over here really.  I was open and honest about my lack of involvement/interest in cross, but I have been enjoying gravel road riding out in the mountains, and that is where I see the Meuse helping me big time... and that will be the addition to my riding.  But hey, this bike won't be relegated to tame terrain - I've already gotten it out on the trail

(maybe not the gnarliest of trails, but still it saw some trail!)

I'm still trying to formulate a name for my Meuse, and I will get back at you tomorrow with my initial impressions of the bike, but here's a hint:  it's GOOD!

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