Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I've gotten.... bigger

This is the time of year when cyclists go crazy.  Ride time decreases due to weather, diminishing light, temperatures, and holiday hoopla.  With a decrease in ride time (and an increase in available food - holiday parties, family dinners, etc.) weight becomes a concern for many.

Work has been a tizy of random and hectic tasks.  Pair that with the fact that I am NOT a morning person (read: sleep as long as physically possible to make it to work "on time") means I have not been taking care of myself at work. No lunch.  Not good.

So, when I get home I graze around for whatever I can find that requires little effort (just worked all day and I'm starving so I want food now) which is typically not the best for you.  After consuming garbage for a while I take a break, and then it's time for dinner.  Dinners are typically late... so I eat a bunch of junk, eat a nice dinner, and fall asleep on the couch watching whatever show.  Wake up and go to bed... repeat cycle.

Notice no biking?  It seems like forever since I've been on a bike.  Last night before bed I weighed myself.


Things are changing.  Now.  Seriously.  For the sake of my rims I've got to put a halt to this immediately.  The idea of running around the neighborhood popped into my mind if I'm not going to get out on the bike... yeah, that bad.  I've got a race in what, like 2 weeks, and this is not a race I want to go in heavy... or having not been riding my bike... uh, two strikes already.

Whelp, I'll see you at the Snake... just look for me, I'll be on the green bike.
In all reality, I've got time to get back on track, I just have to buckle down now yesterday.

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  1. I feel you bro, it's an ongoing struggle for me, always. At least we are not throwing in the towel and ballooning like some of our other friends we know.