Monday, May 20, 2013


Sonya Looney is in town!

There is a shop ride scheduled tonight with Sonya Looney that TheMutt reminded me of at yesterday's race.  For some reason I was thinking that the ride with her was on Wednesday.  So today doesn't work out as well for me schedule wise to make the ride at 5, and 5:30 is pushing it - Sonya might see me changing in the parking lot!

Of course, the weather is now coming into play.  As you see from the picture above, Sonya has been welcomed to NC with rain.  The trails around Charlotte get rather particular when rain is involved and they often go into hibernation, so I'm not sure the ride will be on with last night's rain and the predicted thunderstorms this afternoon.

Then you have my legs.  My legs are feeling a bit beat after the race yesterday (which I will get into tomorrow).  So the decision is: do I bring my bike to work with the chance of it getting a nice long shower on the back of the pterodactyl as I drive around Gastonia and let the dice roll as to whether the ride will be called off or not OR do I just call it on account of my legs and try to sneak into the Dirt Divas' meeting tomorrow to meet Sonya there?

I like the third option as it also involves a side of fried pickles.


  1. Pretty soon the Kickstand will know to send over a plate of fried pickles as soon as I walk into that place!