Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's time

Well, I guess it's time.

I've been going back and forth on which bike to race this weekend and I think I've come to a conclusion.

Maybe it wasn't the best time to make the final decision, but as team "My neighbor has big testicles" was playing trivia last night it was unanimous that I race the Glow Worm this weekend at the Catawba Riverfront Classic.

Ok, now that you've gotten through link city, this is the plan.  This season I've seemed to go out for a solid ride on Thursdays, and usually at USNWC just because of ease of access.  This week it is also the location of the race, so today I get to do a sort of pre-ride while giving the Glow Worm the final shake down to see if I can actually compete with it the way it is.  I figure this is the best course to give it a shot at since I know the trails and have ridden it out there... so why the hell not.  Today I will figure out if the climbing to flat ratio is good enough to merit the 32x20 I've got going on because it will be a "run what you brung" type of scenario... the 20 is all I have at the moment.  Honestly, I don't think an 18 would be my friend on goat hill or the carpet climb so it's 20 or nothing.

Will I be fast enough to race... or slow like, well, you know...
If I feel like I can hit everything and come out with a respectable time then I'm down for Sunday.  Stay tuned.

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