Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just like us!

Like that, but better.

Although she may not admit to it, Sonya Looney is famous.  She's a badass mountain biker kicking ass across the globe.  She has also proven herself to be a great ambassador for our sport.  More importantly, she is a cool, down to earth, funny as hell, mountain biker.  After all, she rides bikes, just like us!

As you can see, my wife commented on a photo I snapped during the group ride.  If you couldn't surmise from her comment, Jake Gyllenhaal is her celebrity crush.  I don't know if Sonya Looney is my celebrity crush (sorry to crush your hopes there Sonya, but you might have to fight Natalie Portman for that right, and we all know Natalie can take a punch) but she is officially good people.

PLUS, she has a mustache


Let me tell you a story.  A couple of years ago I was readying for a pre-ride for a race up in Connecticut.  It was a course that I certainly wanted to pre-ride because it was going to be a tough race... after all, it was called "Wrath of the Boneyard."  I had originally thought that I would be pre-riding with the course designer for a no pressure ride.  As I arrive I find out that we would have company, one of which being a rider that I followed on the internet.  To say I was intimidated would be an understatement.  I didn't know what else to do other than introduce myself and tell him that I followed his blog.  He thanked me and offered to wear a pink jersey so that I wouldn't be so intimidated.  From that point I truly understood just how awesome mountain bikers are.  Here was this Cat 1 ass kicking rigid singlespeeder giving me (a cat 3 beginner) tips on line choice like we were old friends.  Where else can you find pros and beginners getting along as equals?

And that is who Sonya Looney is.  A down to earth mountain biker who would readily shed her fame in order to have a real interaction with another rider, of any level.  And that's when the other side of Sonya comes out.  The side you wouldn't imagine in a million years!  I won't share all the amazing gems that we heard last night, but I will leave you with this... if for no other reason then to prove that I did meet Sonya Looney.

Maybe I'll talk about my race this weekend tomorrow... or maybe I'll tell you about the fried pickles.