Friday, May 17, 2013

Locked in?

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I think my race decision has been finalized.

This is after a "test" run of sorts.  I hit up USNWC yesterday mimicking what my best guess of the course will be.  The trails were busy, so some sections were a little slower than I wanted - but that's ok, that happens in races too.

I had to pee almost the entire ride.  It was hard to not stop, and I even thought about trying the roadie approach at one point.

I had never before hit carpet on the Glow Worm.  I lived.

But Goat right after was killer.  I dry heaved three times as I was about 3/4 of the way up.  Maybe this isn't the right choice?

I was able to recover a little on the downhill and keep pushing through.  The ever deceiving grind back up towards Way Station was an absolute killer - had to stand the whole thing practically.

At the top I started feeling good and maxed out my spin cycle over to Way Station and was feeling good.... then I remembered I still had Toilet Bowl left to go.

Got through Toilet Bowl fine and finished up.

I had no idea what kind of finish I had, or if I would be able to be competitive in the race.  I did, at least, see that I got a whole bunch of PRs yesterday.

This morning I poured through past ride data.  Compared average speeds.  Compared bike performances.  Took into accounts stops on previous rides.

I looked at finishing times for previous years of the Riverfront Classic.  Which only confused me because either last year was full of insanely fast guys or they had a shorter course.  If I went off times from last year, I'd be 10th.  If I went off times from the year before, I'd be 2nd.

A lot of data to look at, a lot of inconclusiveness.  But, I'm locked in.  This will be the only race that I can confidently say I can ride this bike at, so I'm racing the Glow Worm on Sunday.    

Here's a view of last years race from the 40+ Sport (Cat2) field.

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