Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I guess rain isn't so bad

Sometimes, at least.

The weather cancelled our weekly group ride yesterday, which gave us the opportunity "forced" us to tag along for the Dirt Diva event.  You really didn't have to twist any arms as our new pal Sonya Looney was there.  The Dirt Divas do an urban ride before their meetings, which is held at one of my old faithfuls in the neighborhood - the Kickstand.  The route was pretty neat, and the ride was well attended.

After the ride the Divas held their monthly meeting.  I had planned on just being at the bar enjoying fried pickles and beers, but the Divas were kind enough to let us into their meeting.  It was a great to hear about all the great things the Divas are doing individually and as a group.  I also got wrangled into the honor to help out at their upcoming skills clinic. 

Sonya spoke, answered questions, and handled a door that just wouldn't close.  While Sonya was talking about experiences from a few years ago it hit me just how long I have been following her blog.  It was a kind of a bizarre realization because as she was talking I was totally thinking "hey, I remember that."  You do kinda get to know someone through reading their blog and following their experiences.  The internerd is a crazy thing sometimes.    

Sonya get's frustrated with doors that won't stay closed, just like us!
It was a great talk.  Sonya's a real inspiration for a lot of female riders out there, and deservedly so.  We joke, about the fame and the "just like us" thing, but Sonya is a real person.  And I think that is really how she'd like to be thought of.  She's more than willing to share her experiences and knowledge that might help you out in a heartbeat.  So if you ever get the chance to meet her, or attend one of her  rides/clinics as she's all over the country, go for it.  And don't be shy, say hi - she has a serious sense of humor that you DO NOT want to miss!  

The Divas had a little swag raffle for stuff that Sonya brought to the meeting and I was a lucky winner.  I know white on the bike makes you faster... but same goes for pink on the rider, right?

I met Sonya Looney and all I got where these socks
I SWEAR I'll talk all about ME and my race tomorrow.

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