Monday, February 11, 2013

It's in the name

Yesterday's race was probably my "best" of the series.  But, I'll get into that tomorrow.

Today I want to talk about the acquisition of another piece of the One9 build.  At the race, Good Guy Greg (of the B-43 cast of characters) proved just how true the monicker is.  Riding a rigid Niner singlespeed (of the Air9 variety) I've chatted with Greg about my own build.  Along the way to setting up his rig Greg happened upon two sets of spacers through an order debacle.  At yesterdays race Greg handed me a set of spacers.

Let me back up a second there, he didn't just hand me a set of spacers, he handed me an Endless Bike Fibonacci Spacer Kit.  The very kind that has been approved* by Dicky.  What is a spacer kit?  Well, it fills the space (YES!!  super definition!) left with the use of only one cog instead of the 8-10/11 that you may find on a mountain bike.  Of course, when building a ss specific wheel that space will be even smaller... but there will still be space needing to be filled.  In my brief foray into looking at which kit to get (before dropping the idea until I get wheels) I surmised that this very kit seemed to be the badassest of them all.  So many sizes of rings to help produce the most important function of a spacer kit, yes, even more important than filling space...  providing for a straight chain line from the front chainring to your lone cog in the rear.

So, I got this from Good Guy Greg, all from the goodness of his heart.  Heck, he didn't even know I needed one.  He just brought it to the race and offered it up if I hadn't already gotten one!!  That's mountain bikers for you - generally* good people.  

Big THANKS to Good Guy Greg - I owe you one... or 6/12 really good cold ones.

*Dicky doesn't whole heartedly "approve" things... and didn't give this product any sort of seal to that effect (that I am aware of).

*Generally, somewhere in the realm of 90/10 good/dick ratio.  But I'll have an example of the 10 in my race recap tomorrow (if I remember to include it).

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