Thursday, February 21, 2013

My bad

I forgot to post yesterday, sorry.  All Monday evening I thought about just sitting down to write, but I didn't - figuring I would just write the next morning.  Clearly that didn't happen.  Today I will write about what I was going to write about yesterday, but with an extra bonus.  So, maybe it was worth the wait?  Probably not, but let's go with that.

SO, it's already time to get into the nitty gritty of race season.  Yeah, the Southern Classic starts in March.  Like, the very beginning of March.

March 3, 2013, Killer 3 MTB Race
Sumter, SC
March 17, 2013, San Lee Park
Sanford, NC
Storm Racing Team 910/603-0406
April 7, 2013 SERC AMBC
Tsali Knobscorcher, Bryson City, NC                           
Gone Riding, 352/873-9279
April 21, 2013, Stump Jump AMBC
Spartanburg, SC

April 28 , 2013
Harbison State Forest Mountain Bike Trail
Columbia, SC

May 19, 2013, Catawba Riverfront Classic
US Whitewater Center
Charlotte, NC
June 2, 2013
Troy , NC
Storm Racing Team 910/603-0406
June 9 , 2013, Hobby Park
Winston-Salem , NC

Paul's Cycling & Fitness
June 23, 2013, SERC AMBC
Tiger Rag 
Clemson, SC
Gone Riding, 352/873-9279 
July 7, 2013, SERC AMBC
Woolwine , VA
Gone Riding, 352/873-9279 
July 14, 2013, Battle of the Bikes at Country Park
Greensboro, NC
David Harlowe  
August 3 & 4, 2013, SERC AMBC (DH/ST/XC)       
Fontana Village
Gone Riding, 352/873-9279 
August 11, 2013, Sizzler
Greensboro, NC
Greensboro Fat Tire Society
August 25, 2013, Dark Mountain (SCS Finals)
North Wilkesboro , NC 

Jim Smalley,
Because of the fact that that is WICKED early for a race season to start for my New England bones, I'm definitely not racing in the first race.  I need some "time off" so to speak.  Annie needs some time off, you should have seen her face when I told her the series started on March 3.  She assumed the worst and imagined that meant that I would continue to race every weekend.  I assured her it was much more on pace with what she was used to, typically twice a month at max.  

I'm assuming all of you have been boning up on your Da Vinci Code and were able to decipher the clues I left you on the series calendar, notifying you of which I intend to race.  The way I choose my races was pretty damn simple.  I started with the fact that 9 races out of a possible 14 would count towards your overall points.  Thus, I needed a minimum of 9 races.  Cool.  Then I utilized good old google's maps in order to figure out how far I'd be driving to the various courses.  Gone are the days of being able to utilize my parent's house to cut down on race day travel... so all driving would be prior to the race = shortest drive times possible.  So that was easy, automatic entries included anything under 2 hours.  That left me one short of the necessary 9.  

It also left me without a race in March... which was ok considering March is an ungodly early month to start a summer series and the fact that the first race is mere weeks away.  The second race in that month being held the day after St. Patrick's Day (anyone who knows me that I am rarely in tip top shape the day after St. Patrick's Day).  What, with all the revelry with the green solo cups and tupperware (for my snacks dude) how can I be expected to make great bike race?  
*edit: OR, the day OF St. Patrick's Day.... duh

Anyway, it left me short.  I decided: it's legit, I live in NC so I have to start racing like I live here.  So pick up a race in March I did.  And from what I've heard from teammates, I picked a gnarly one.  Good, let's get on to some mountain biking with some actual technical features and not a dirt roadies wet dream of a course.  It it about a 2 hour and 20 minute drive, so it's not that bad.  

So, there you have it.  My race schedule in a loose nut shell.  

The added bonus for waiting around for my post?  I'm sorry to say it isn't so exciting.  

Yesterday while on the trainer I decided that since the season is creeping up quickly that it's time to get off the trainer schedule and get back to grabbing some real life miles out there.  Well, I decided it and google couldn't back me up or contradict me in any manner so I'm going with it.  My thinking is that I need to get the miles back into my legs since I've just finished a short track series... which didn't include a lot of miles.  My bigger thinking is that I need to initiate "winter training" earlier in the year, PRIOR to the winter short track series.  Race the series WHILE working on base miles and then be fully on for the season.  This season I'm just doing it as it comes which is totally fine cause I'm just a meager Cat 3 racer.  Maybe one day when I grow up big and strong and I am Cat 2 some solid semblance of a routine will come into effect... although, probably the routine before the cat-ing up.  

Overall I'm pretty excited about the series.  I'm happy with the schedule (1 race/month 2 races/month on and off) which should allow plenty of growth throughout the season.  And by growth I mean (fingers crossed) improvement.  

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