Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not in my house!

If you've seen this before, count yourself one of the lucky ones.  I JUST saw this ad for the first time yesterday and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

I do have to wonder how many people watching this commercial have no clue who Dikembe Mutombo is.

Ok, so random awesomeness aside, here is some "race" randomness.

For the Winter Series I had been growing a fu manchu because, why the hell not?  Annie loved it... at first.  Then she really wanted me to get rid of it.  Over the off week it wasn't bad as everything else filled in enough that it kinda just looked like a goatee (lucky timing on the license picture with that!).  Sadly, I was forced to remove the stache just as it was only getting awesomer.  Just short of the last race, which is Sunday.  It was a good run, and I do have to thank Annie for putting up with my nonsense.

For those who haven't seen me lately, I present to you the final seconds of the fu manchu - probably the only one I will have... ever.

I'm anxious to have my beard back as I feel like a college kid with less than full facial hair.  I am by no means clean shaven, as that would take me back to being a high school kid, but let's hope it's worth it.  And no, the removal didn't happen because of Valentine's Day - I have an interview today.  It's for a part time position at a gym - it's about time to get some money flowing back our way.  Hopefully I'll hear very soon from UNCC as to whether or not I've made it to the interview round for the PhD program.

Ok, quit looking at my stache and watch Dikembe again!

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