Thursday, February 28, 2013

I got

Nothing bike related.  Well, I'll probably go for a road ride today, but no one really cares about that... do you?

On Friday, before leaving for our trip to Maryland, I had a job interview.  On Tuesday, as we were getting ready to return to Charlotte, I got a call from said employer with a job offer.  On Wednesday I accepted said job.

I guess I'm back to being an adult with responsibilities and whatnot.  On the negative - no mid-week mid-day rides on empty trails.  On the positive - monies to complete the One 9 build!  Back to pouring through parts and deals to get the last couple things I need.

Fingers crossed that I'll have a sweet singlespeed up and running for my birthday.  I've got a month, so I think that should be possible.

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