Monday, February 4, 2013

Hold on for a wild ride

The weekend ended with a house full of sickies... Annie was the first, so she gets the blame for the downfall of the house.  Translation - I didn't get to go visit, and work on, the super secret trail.

But, I DID get to ride out at Uwharrie with a bunch of the B-43 characters on Saturday.  It was a bit chilly to start (low/mid 30s) but the riding ahead would keep us warm.  The trail was in pretty good shape, a little snotty in some places where the trail was thawing.  And the route was perfect.

My last ride out there I hit Keyauwee counterclockwise and I can now say, don't do that!!  Keyauwee is so much better clockwise.  Either way you ride it there is plenty of climbing involved, but the downhill is so much better clockwise - you get more exciting singletrack and a tabletop filled line when you hit it clockwise.  As I had mentioned last time, Supertree was a little less then super.  This time we hit Whitetail (which bisects the Supertree loop) and it was a much better ride - save the downed tree in a downhill section.

Ok, this is where things are going to get unhinged... so hold on.

After the ride we were talking about beer (shocker right, mountain bikers talking about beer) and we stumbled upon a translation issue.

Apparently in Ireland "growler" is a slang term for...  well, lady bits.
So, of course we had some laughs about that.

At one point I proposed the creation of a new racing team in honor of our verbal discovery, being the mature individual I am.  To further commemorate the creation I am thinking that Bigfoot should get a nod in this endeavor.

Bigfoot?  Well, apparently Uwharrie is a haven for the Sasquatch.

The only Bigfoot I know is named Harry.  But he's a big movie star.

Speaking of movies... there is a movie out there about the Uwharrie Bigfoot, you can see it in full (for free) over at Vimeo.

So, what do we know about Bigfoot?

You shouldn't mess with him, or his beef jerky.

He likes riding bikes.

But doesn't like to share the trail.

He likes to race.  (And is a bit of a cheater, looks like a pretty big head start there)

He isn't so strong on the climbs.

From what I can gather from this police artist's rendering, looks like Bigfoot isn't a stranger to bike theft... which makes sense, as Bigfoot isn't typically known to hold down a great paying job.

presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law
And the most controversial piece of evidence yet... Bigfoot or a homeless guy - you decide.

Whatcha got in the bag "Bigfoot"?

Ok, so let's try to get things back on track here.  We have: bike riding, beer, growlers (reader discretion as to the definition), Bigfoot, and a "racing team".  But, before I wrap things up, here is one more detour.  Growlers (the American kind) and bicycles brings us this interestingly sexy beast.

 It's the Growler City Bike from J.Ruiter.

This “Growler” concept concept city commuter is a working sketch prototype in a series of thoughts on what we carry around with us and the importance of those items."

A bike built around beer - perfect!

Ok, so to sum up this rambling post.  Uwharrie was a fun time.  Illness all around the house.  Bigfoot likes bikes.  Growlers are good all around - beer and otherwise.  A mock race team loosely named Growler Racing, Team Sasquatch Growler, Bigfoot Growler Racing, etc. (name finalization and kit design in development).  And J.Ruiter is putting together some sexy beer inspired rides.

I'll be better soon, and thoughts will be more coherent (maybe).

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