Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Riding the trainer is hard enough when it is nasty, cold, and dark out.  (Actually, I have to admit that I didn't really mind riding the trainer and following along with my DVD)  But, in a place where the weather (and light) has been so nice it's hard to imagine climbing on a trainer at all!!

Of course, a trainer allows for interval training that isn't always easy to replicate in the wild.  But, I find myself with rainy weather, the HiFi getting a little extra love at the LBS, and the need to inject some more power into these legs and lungs... so I guess it's the "perfect" time to jump back into a training/trainer regimen.

This year Sean has hooked me up with his workout, sketched from a workout a coach had drawn up for him a few years back.  Normally I would just follow along with one of my Carmichael training videos, but I have no problem trying out Sean's program.  Plus, with the garmins I'll be able to program in the time intervals and have the little bastard beep at me to let me know what I should be doing (I hope?).  As it's Wednesday already, it's time to get up on the trainer for some nice suffering.  Fun times indeed.  Although I'll be hating my life on the trainer, I will just have to stay focused that this will pay off on the trial.

I had planned on hitting big road rides on Wednesdays anyway, so I guess this will be a perfect substitute, although... nothing is a perfect substitute when it comes to the benefits that actually riding has on your soul.  I have to admit though, so far this week I feel like I'm behind the ball in terms of riding.  The plan called for an easy spin Monday (recovery from the race) and then no riding (workout instead) on Tuesday...  I'll follow the plan and see how things go, but I am jonesing for a real ride... maybe if I get my workout today in early enough I can get some real riding in as well... although I think it might have to be asphalt and not dirt - boo.

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