Thursday, January 10, 2013


This year I've adopted a new mantra.

In the past my mantra had been much more vulgar and used in a variety of riding situations... whether it was directed at myself for sandbagging or trail features for besting me... and that was a classic "F U."

This year I'm focusing my energy to be a bit more constructive towards myself.  And my mantra is "stay on top."  That is in no reference to the podium (although that would be nice...) but instead staying on top of my pedaling, cadence, effort, etc.

It has become quite apparent that it is MUCH easier to conquer trail features and inclines if you just stay on top of your ride, keep up your momentum, and keep the damn cranks going!!  Push a little harder, feel that burn rather than sit back and drop a bunch of gears until you are spinning your brains out up a hill.

The moment you let doubt creep in your cranks slow, you grab too much brakes, and things just get harder.

I'm going to "stay on top" of the trail, eye scanning ahead, pedals moving (when applicable) and confidence high.  So, when it feels like I'm pulling my feet out of mud I remind myself to "stay on top" and instantly the focus of my pedaling shifts.  I'm quickly invigorated and my pedal strokes smooth out as I work circularly and efficiently.

This weekend I imagine I'll be reminding myself to "stay on top" lap after lap on the gravel road grind that ends each lap.  And, I will do so with a smile.

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