Thursday, January 31, 2013

making it official

So, today the plan is to finally get our asses down to the DMV and get our NC licenses.  I have to take the written test for sure, and possibly the road test.  I've heard varying accounts of having to take the road test, and it seems that it is at the discretion of the tester whether or not they make you take it... so we shall see.  Once we have our licenses, then we have to go back to our insurance agent, get some form, then we can go register our cars and get license plates.  A whole process that we've been putting off for too long.

Last night I hit the trainer and my legs were feeling it before I started.  But I pushed through even though something was going wonky with my heart rate monitor... I'm guessing the battery in the strap is dying - unless somehow the laptop I was watching video on while riding was interfering with the readings??  With the impending rain/wind storms the air had me sweating like a maniac... I think I lost a couple pounds.

Depending on the weather today I may go for an easy spin on the roads and check out if the heart rate monitor works any better... if not - battery it is.

Saturday and Sunday are shaping up to bike (related) filled days, so that is cool.  But I'll save that for later, cause I need something to talk about tomorrow.

Wish us luck at the DMV!

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