Tuesday, January 8, 2013

balls to business

Yesterday I noticed my post was getting a ridiculous (for me) number of hits.  Apparently I was getting huge traffic from www.ontimemarketing.biz.  Must have been the sack tear label I threw on the post... cause, nothing markets a new product better then a sack tear, right?

It's January and a race series starts this weekend... any other New Englanders wanna move to Charlotte yet?  I can't believe it... and the predicted weather for the weekend?

January suckers

I know, I know.  It's way to far away for any sort of accuracy, but DAMN!

I rode over to the short track today and did a few laps since there had been some maintenance done on the track this weekend.  They added two berms, smoothed out the creek crossing, and reinstituted a jump that had been downgraded to a speed hump.

I definitely appreciate the berms.  I hadn't noticed a need to do anything to the creek crossing, but then again, I'm riding a full suspension 29er.  So I'll take it with a smile.  The new jump... I actually liked the dilapidated state it was previously in as it didn't shoot you skyward but allowed for a full speed rollover and pump down the back side.  Now, it's either hit the go around to the left or grab air.  For such a short and fast race, I'm not sure hitting air is the way to go... but maybe, just maybe for the spectators I'll hit it during (at least) one of the laps.

I'm feeling ok about the race.  Certainly not in race condition at this point, but this will be what I need to get back on it.  Looking at my garmin data my lap times are respectable when compared to last years results.  Although, I didn't run a full 8 laps in a row... but still.  I feel ok out there.  I just hope I can contain the adrenaline off the start and not blow up, or kill myself, early on in the race.

I also enjoyed riding out to the trail.  Gave me a ton more miles than I could have gotten riding there - without loosing my mind on repeat cycle to gain miles.  So I think this will be a permanent commutable trail for me.  On the ride over and back the sound of my knobbies humming on the pavement really brought me back to being a kid again, it was kinda neat.

Now for the big question... will sack tear bring on a repeat performance of site visits?  Sack tear, sack tear, sack tear.

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