Monday, January 14, 2013

It's always something

On Thursday, with the first race of the winter short track series coming up, I switched out my tires for a sleeker "race tire."  Prior to upgrading to the Stan's Arch EX I had, for a short period, run these tires on the Bontrager rims that came stock on the HiFi.  For some reason, they were SUPER tight on the Archs.  Like, so tight you need to use a tire lever to GET THEM ON tight.  Pain in the ass.

As a result I gouged my finger with the tire lever as I was trying to muscle the tire on.

It's one of those small annoying injuries that you constantly knock against this and that causing unnecessary pain.  Bleh.  But, on the positive, I found out that Annie's new wireless speaker works all the way out in the Bike Haven.  (So, that means the wifi reaches at least that far...)

Look ma, no wires!  And music from all the way in the house out here!!

Annie was happy to hear about the performance, but "suggested" that maybe I get my own.

While we are talking about tinkering on the bike... check out what I MacGyvered for my cue sheet on Georgia.

I repurposed a reflector bracket to hold a clip, which will then holds cue sheets.  Works decent enough and it was "free."  (brackets coming from purchased bikes of course, and the clip... well maybe that was "borrowed" from work or something...)

Oh, and what about the tires??  With such a tight fit they set right up on the rims lickity split.  I drove over to the short track to make sure that I was making the right choice... and they were fine indeed.  I will have to play with air pressure though as I think I can get lower than what I'm currently riding (about 27psi) which will only add to traction on the berms and whatnot.

I'll get into race details tomorrow though.

Side note, I washed my bike on Saturday in preparation for the race and I used Pedros Green Fizz... stuff is AMAZING!!!

For someone who is pretty lazy with washing my bike (main focus usually stays with the drivetrain) this made cleaning a pleasure!!  It's kinda nice to have a sparkly bike!!

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