Monday, June 4, 2012

Race Season

Thanks to Strava I realized Sunday evening that Domnarski was held earlier that day.  I had no idea.  My mind is so out of the race schedule since I've resigned to not race the last month or so up here.

I've been reading various updates/blogs about the TSE but I'm so far from being in the racing mindset that it was a fun adventure to follow from a distance.  Yesterday's realization snapped me back to the reality (to some degree) that there are races going on that I would have been (should be) partaking in.  Not only was Domnarski this weekend, but Coyote Hill was on the 27th of May.  That brings the count up to 4 races skipped.  That is insane.

But, I am happy with my riding and my fitness(ish).  I'm riding when weather, and plans, allow.  This time of year is getting busy with end of year preparations for school, Annie's departure from her job, and of course all the cookouts and picnics that come with nice weather.  With all of this I am riding when I can, my weight is down (partly due to the increase in riding), and my legs generally feel good (minus the poison ivy that is plaguing them at the moment).

I'm excited to get down to NC and start riding and exploring what they have to offer in terms of trails and roads.  I just hope that my positive fitness matches my buddy Sean's lack of meaningful ride time, thus increasing my chances to hang with him on the trails (or roads).

3 weeks of school left.  Seniors graduate on Wednesday (Thursday if the rain continues).  It's coming fast, yet it doesn't seem real.

Last Thursday my post went up late due to the AMAZING network we have at school - serves me right for slacking and trying to post at school.... so if you missed it (and you've got the time/are just plain bored) feel free to check it out - there are pictures!

Weekend Fun 

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