Wednesday, June 6, 2012

if it's not one thing,

it's another....

Every single time I go to run tubeless on the HiFi something has to go wrong.

Part of it just has to be the tire/rim compatibility.  Some tires set up quickly and "cleanly."  Others are a bit of a struggle and a mess.  But it's never just an easy job.  Never.

Yesterday was no different.  I got a package with a new tire (Ignitor) and some tape to seal up the rims.  I already had plenty of sealant.  So I got to work on the front wheel.  I throw the tape on the rim, work the tire on and fill it with air.  The tire sets up pretty fast (checking without sealant first) but has some air leakage.  Throw in the sealant, add some air....  and that's as far as we get.  Can't get the sealant to do it's thing - especially around the valve.  Which reminds me, the LBS threw out my other valve because it was "faulty" and then charged me for a Stan's rim strip.  So I can't even set up the rear wheel!

Don't get me wrong, the rim strips work - but I'd rather the lighter, and quicker to convert to a tube in the field, method of tape and stem.  Faulty stem again?  I dunno... but it's just not sealing up around the base, so sealant just keep spilling bubbling out.

I've now entered frustration station....  end up taping up the rear to just throw a tube back into it.  BLAH!

So I turned to this.

Dunno if new stems will do... or cutting up old tubes and using those stems.. or maybe just resign to the fact that I'll be running tubes for now so I can get out and ride - IF the weather ever cooperates.

Graduation tonight.  That is, of course, unless it's postponed until tomorrow.

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