Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I owe a high 5 and a donut to...

Lewis & Clark... because sometimes exploring just blows!!

See that, yeah we can't get by there, so we'll prolly have to double back
and figure out another route... again

Sunday I did a little exploration.  I hit up Nobscot in Sudbury Ma.  Depending who you ask these trails are legal/illegal.  The deal is, they are legal.  BUT, the Boy Scout area is private and off limits.  What slowed things down for me (other then the insane amount of blowdown) was trying my best not to access trails on the Boy Scout land.  So I often stopped to refer to my smarty phone's GPS feature.  Utilizing up to the minute technologies I was able to "best guess" where I was and what direction my little blue dot was facing in order to avoid (as best I could) the off limit trails.

It all came down to basics.... and lack of signage confused things.  It would be most helpful to mark off each and every trail entering the Boy Scout land - if you've got private land you don't want people entering then do something about all the trails leading in and out of said exclusive land...  A couple of times I rode up to/into a camp site... with no prior warning posted on the trails that I was on, or entering, private land.  Blah.

Although, if you checked out my data it would look like I did a good job of staying away from the no-no areas...

Well, maybe... that area on the bottom is unclear as to what it belongs to... there is a stretch separating it from the Boy Scout Reservation....  so..... fair game?

What I did ride was sweet singletrack!

Get some more traffic in there, better signage, and this place might be sweet.  I've heard read tail of there being a way to link up with nearby Callahan... now that would be sweet!!  Bottom line, the downhill here is intense, and the climbs are crazy steep.  

Come on people, don't let sweet singletrack go neglected!!

For just pennies a day                                 For just a ride a week YOU can help keep these trails open!!

(Got the HiFi back.... bars slammed, nubbin chopped = PRO)

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