Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm too old for this....

The baseball game was fun.  We had "official" umps.  We DESTROYED the kids.

I'm old.

Seriously, I had to ice my shoulder Tuesday night.
And now my hip flexors are feeling it - how is that even possible??

But, I already left clothes and whatnot at work, so soreness or not I AM riding to work this morning.
And the projected weather, prefect(ish).  Temperature at 6am - 61 degrees.  SWEET!!

Not sweet - the humidity!!  90%!!  Great, so sweaty balls to start the day.  No, not really.... well yeah, but I'll hit up the showers first thing to get so fresh and so clean (clean).  Outkast, anyone?  Outkast?

Uh, a week left in the school year... craziness.

Will I hit up Kingdom Trails this weekend?  Maybe.  We'll see how fast I can get the nubbin chopped on the HiFi... if I can get it in and out real quick like, maybe I'll be good to go this weekend.  And by real quick I'm talking getting it chopped when I drop Georgia off.  Dunno.

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