Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Bachelor

I don't make a very good bachelor... I squander my time, I generally don't feed myself, and the place goes to hell.  Since Thursday Annie has been away visiting her sister.  I've been wifeless, puppyless, and rideless.

This weekend did entail a "goodbye" sendoff for me after work on Friday and a chaperoning gig to Six Flags with some of the kids on Saturday.  Of course Friday evening involved some "southern" inspired words of advice and "gifts."

Will the John Deere hat give me instant street cred in Charlotte?
Saturday the weather was a bit overcast to start... but overall a very nice day.  All the craze is the new roller coaster Goliath... yeah I skipped that one.  Check it out, it consists of two towers...
Legs dangling, staring at the ground

It pulls you up one to start and then drops you, you fly through some dips, turns, corkscrews, loop, and then up the other tower to be dropped again to do it all in reverse... here's a view below the second tower.

Riders facing the sky.... cellphone in the grass below - suckers!!

While waiting for some of the chaperones to complete their ride on Bizzaro (which was Superman, but a quick application of purple over the previously red tracks transformed things....) we actually witnessed someone lose their cellphone on the ride.  It was a thing of beauty.  No lie.  The coaster came speeding up and over a whoop-dee and as it hit the apex a small, black, rectangular item floated away as the coaster dipped down the other side.  It flipped up at least 20 feet in the air before disappearing... it was AWESOME!!
The slow action of the iphone just missed our friends towards the front

Luckily, Annie returns from Florida today!!  I also have a staff vs. student baseball game after school.  I haven't played baseball since 1997.  No joke, I haven't played ball since high school.  Thank god our kids make better "farmers" than athletes.

I didn't get a ride into work last week due to weather.  This week looks good.  I've forgone today as an option due to the game.  Tomorrow looks like rain, but Thursday and Friday are wide open.  After that commute I'll likely drop Georgia in for a tune up and steer tube chop.

With pre-move weekends dwindling I may have to sneak in an impromptu trip to Kingdom Trails this weekend.

Wait a second... maybe not.  School ends the 21st.  I'll likely work another day or two after to get some things straight for next year (I'm not just gonna bail!) but that leaves some midweek opportunities to sneak in a less crowded ride up at Kingdom Trails...  the head scratching starts as "plans" will be mulled over.

I love it when I realize there is more time to do fun stuff!!

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  1. Street cred? Nah, we're all citified down here in Charlotte. Now, if you can just work on your Southern accent you'd be good.