Tuesday, June 19, 2012


On my ride into work last week and my ride on Saturday I came to one glorious conclusion.... there is NOTHING better than nice, fresh, buttery smooth asphalt!!

On my ride into work I was going along at about 16mph and all of a sudden I hit it.  Fresh asphalt.  I swear nothing changed - cadence, power, nothing.  BUT, my speed went up at least 2 mph.  For real!!  It was amazing.  It felt sooooooo good... but of course it was a short stint and then back to the cracked vibration laden road surface.

I hit the same phenomenon this Saturday as I was cranking out nearly 50 miles.  This time the freshness was on an incline.  The smooth black-gold seemed to pull me up hill, and I took full advantage!  I just opened it up and flew up hill.  It was nothing short of glorious!! 

I picked up Georgia from the LBS yesterday after getting the complimentary tune up (had some miss-shifting and ghost shifting going on) and got the steer tube chopped so now I'm all "pro."  As I picked up Georgia I dropped off the HiFi to get the steer tube chopped on it - again, I'll be all "pro" with the stem slammed.  The guy at the shop complimented me on, what he considered "a nice stable going on there."  I thanked him and mentioned how lucky I was to have such a great and understanding wife.  And then I mentioned the next addition would be a singlespeed.  To which he replied he had just built one up for himself, so he brought it out to show me. 

A thing of beauty it was.  He built up a Sawyer with belt drive.  I got to take it for a spin around the parking lot, smooth!  The frame was a little heavy, but he put on all super light components to help combat the initial weight.  But man, that thing is sexy, looks like a piece of art!!


  1. Single speed is the bomb, it would be all I would ride probably if I didn't keep breaking mine. Getting 29" wheels? Go rigid I say, then get a fork if your desire, no better connection to the trail I swear love rigid SS. Wheres georgia I want to see it?

  2. Yeah, I'm all about 29" - especially with a SS. Looks like a lot of the set ups I've been looking into for SS come with a rigid fork, so I'll def give it a shot. Georgia is my road bike - a madone 3.1, red and black like the Georgia Bulldogs.