Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So guess what??  The HiFi doesn't fit the trainer with it's current rear skewer... and of course the "trainer" QR they give you is too damn short for such a sweet ass ride....

So.... yeah...  The HiFi is all slicked up and ready to go!!  But, alas, it has no where to go.


super slim, super fast... right?

Stopped by the un-nameable bike shop and they had nothing for me.  Informed me Specialized was coming out with a replacement part, but wasn't sure it would fit the Trek...  There HAS to be a skewer to fit the HiFi with a smaller "head" so it can fit the trainer!  First to figure out exactly how big this johnny is, and then I'll look for something with a smaller "head."  May stop back at International to see what they have to offer... if anything.  Otherwise it's either mount up the 4300 or file the holder to accommodate my damn skewer.

Oh yeah, I was going to talk about my race schedule... but I've entered frustration station so I'll leave it at that today, and go drink a beer.

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