Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here's the plan! well, the start of it anyway...

Recap of my 2011 (inaugural) race season.
5 total races.  One per month (sans June), starting in April and ending in September.

So here is the (planned) start for the 2012 season.

8th (listed as the 7th, but that would be a Saturday?) Bunny Hopbrook, CT - Root 66
22nd Winding Trails, CT (raced this year) - Root 66
29th (listed as the 28th...) Massasoit Lung Opener, MA - Root 66

20th Weeping Willow, MA (raced this year) - NECS
27th Coyote Hill, VT - Root 66

3rd Domnarski Farm, MA - Root 66  OR  Big Ring Rumpus, NH - NECS
9th/10th Mountain Bike Fest, NH (Pat's Peak) - Root 66
17th Pinnacle, NH - NECS

So, you see, by the end of May I could have raced in two months what I did all this season.  This is something I am excited about because toward the end of this season I was itching to race between my entries.  I'm sure I will feel the wear and tear of the increased schedule, but hopefully I'll be well prepared for it.
There is also much more travel involved in this potential schedule.  This year I kept everything either close to Boston, or close to my parent's in CT... that way race day driving would be minimal.  With the 2012 season I have not (yet) limited my schedule for travel.

There are two races listed for May in the Root 66 series that have not yet locked down dates - Winsted Woods and Norcross Scurry... so that means I could have another 1 or 2 races in May.  

On June 3rd I'm torn between Domnarski Farm and Big Ring Rumpus...  I've heard good things about each - so if anyone wants to weigh in on either race feel free to persuade me!

Trainer update after the weekend.

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