Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2012 already?

I'm not sure about your neck of the woods, but here... here we already have (preliminary) race schedules for the 2012 season!!


The weather hasn't yet crushed the riding spirit so it hasn't felt like a true find-an-alternative-to-riding off-season.  But, with the posting of the prelims I'm excited about an expanded race season (since my first foray was not a full race schedule).   I've got two race series to utilize - EFTA and Root 66 (possibly a third series to throw in there... more on that on a much later date...).  This past season I primarily raced Root 66, will likely stick with that, but who knows.

Here is a listing of the races I have to choose from as of now....

Root 66:

2012 Preliminary Race Schedule
                   April 7th   Bunny Hopbrook
                   April 22nd   Winding Trails
                   April 28th   Massasoit Lung Opener
                   May   TBD    Winsted Woods
                   May  TBD     Norcross Scurry
                   May  26th/27th   Coyote Hill
                   June  3rd   Domnarski Farm
                   June 9/10th  Mountain Bike Festival @ Pats Peak
                   June 29/30 July 1st  Windham Worldcup
                   July 1st  Race the World @ Windham
                   July 5th-8th  National Championships  Sun Vally Idaho
                   July 15th  Stonewall Farm
                   July 22nd  Wrath of the Boneyard
                   August 5th  Hodges Village Dam
                   August 19th  Millstone Grind
                   September 9th  Landmine Classic


Looking at the dates of both series one could race a TON next year.  It is looking like they may have actually worked together to coordinate so that they weren't overlapping races like this year.  Should make for much larger/competitive fields for every race since racers won't be forced to choose between series.  

With the announcement of next years racers already that means I need to start getting series about training.  Here's to a kick ass 2012 season!

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