Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm so excited!!

After recovering from my turkey coma I went for a ride at Foxboro.  Man, I am really loving that place!!  The more I ride it the more I really like it over there.  It's got a nice range of terrain, plenty of technical spots to keep your skills sharp (or force you to walk some) and it feels like I find a little more every time I get out there.  At some point I'll be able to piece together a nice fluid ride out there... but until that time I'm enjoying the exploration.  This last time I found a whole section of slick rock... with some drops.
Nice roller

Big drop

Almost looks like pavement here... but nope, straight up rock face

plenty of ways on and off this island

When I arrived there was a group just getting back from their ride.  Looked like a bunch of NEMBA guys.  I chatted while I was getting my shit together, took a group picture for them, and then I was off.  I haven't been on the bike enough lately, and I could feel it... but with the aid of some GU throughout the ride I was good to go.  That stuff if pretty damn amazing!

Saturday before the Georgia game I headed over to International Bicycle to drop off the HiFi for a tune up (gear slippage under force, and general creaking and whatnot), a slick rear tire, and the trainer!!  The guys over at International have always been great, and this visit was no exception.  Got a sweet deal on the tune up - I really appreciate them doing the work that is needed, and pricing accordingly, rather than forcing a package deal.  Went through the trainers they have... and boy do the high end models have some sweet gadgets!!  But with the trainer I got I also got 2 free training DVDs.  And of course, they went the extra mile and searched for a mountain bike specific DVD for me.  Super awesome!  Oh, and the best part of the whole thing - my bike will be all set to pick up today (actually was probably ready yesterday), super fast turn around!  

That's the Fluid2

So I'm excited for this week.  Weather looks good so hopefully will be out on the trails after work a couple times this week.  I'll have the HiFi all slicked up and now that I have a trainer I can start setting that up.  Throw a more regular gym routine in there and we'll get this off season rolling!!  

Looks like I'll be able to get a nice full season in this year... so full in fact that in just April and May I can equal my racing total from this year!!  Next time I'll explore my tentative schedule for 2012.  

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