Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time to get serious

While Michael spent the weekend riding in Vermont, I spent the weekend walking around Boston shopping with my best friend (otherwise known as Big Red's lovely wife). As we walked all over the place, I started to realize how truly pathetic my legs are in comparision to my friend. Yadranca (pretty kickass name, huh?) is a runner. Now if you talk to her about it, she'll tell you that she's just "alright" and not a "real impressive runner", but that's a bunch of crap. This is her on the left running a half marathon a few weeks ago. She's pretty diesel.

During our shopping trip we went to quite a few places, but it wasn't until we hit Lululemon in the Prudential center that I realized the vast difference between us in the fitness arena. We both took pairs of shorts to the dressing room (and yes, we always share a dressing room), and while each of us was happy with our respective fitting room items, Yadranca looked like an athelete while I looked like a skinny girl with just a tinge of muscle. Now, please don't assume that I'm one of those girls that unmercifully compares herself to everyone under the sun when it comes to body image. I do love my body, but being in this store surrounded by women that actually put effort towards their fitness made me realize that the status quo isn't going to cut it if I want to call myself a bike rider.

Cue the workout plan that started two days ago.

Having never really worked out before, Michael had to show me the basics of lunges, squats, dead-lifts and ab crunches. I have worked out my upper body before, so once I got the lower body exercises down, I sprinkled in some shoulder, back and arm exercises as well and now I feel like I'm on the right track towards getting in shape.

It's a long process, but little by little I hope to see improvement in my riding as I get stronger. Maybe the age of crying over barely making it up a hill is on its way out and will be replaced with the age where Annie kicks ass? It could happen.

And although I admire her athleticism, I can't say the same for her fashion sense.

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