Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Memorial Day weekend recap can wait.

Tuesday after work: got my tubeless kit, got myself an air compressor, ready to go.

Presta valves are a bit annoying without a "proper" attachment for the compressor (so I guess I have to get me one) but having a removable core works, kinda.

Get my front tire done and set, sealant in (with some spillage of course) and things are looking good.  Go and throw some air in the back tire to make sure it's seating and as I'm screwing the valve core back in I hear air rushing out still.... what the??  Nice freakin hole in the sidewall.  No idea where that came from - but might explain that "slow leak" that I was confused about...  So now the whole project is on hold while I get myself a new tire.

Luck be a lady tonight - got an email from pricepoint, they are having a sale on tires - I'll check that out to see if I might get a "deal" on this whole mishap.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback on some good 29er tires (rear).  Wasn't really feeling the tires that came on the HiFi anyway.

Kinda how I feel right now.

Oh... and I'll be at the dealership this morning for probably 5 hours getting the pterodactyl fixed.  

Let's end on a happy note.  
My buddy from WV is coming up the 17th and we'll be hitting Kingdom Trails.  

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