Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KT ride report

Ok ok ok ok, I'm sorry that it's taken me until Wednesday to fill you in on the adventure at Kingdom Trails this past weekend.  I'll have videos coming at you for the next couple weeks on Media Friday so keep an eye out for those.  I've been having fun playing with the footage, matching up music and all that jazz... but it's also been time consuming.

So we got up to Vermont on Friday, checked into the motel and got a super recommendation for dinner - Trout River Brewing Company.   Headed over for some beers and pizza.  Both the beers and the pizza were delicious.  And although our favorite beverages of the evening were not sold in bottles (as they were seasonal) we somehow held back from buying them in growlers and settled for a 6 pack of Scottish Style Ale.  Which was also good... it had a solid hint of soy sauce, which I quite enjoyed.

So as we were winding down the night at the Lynburke Motel (a nice little motel with super friendly staff) we ended up making a few sponsor "spots" using nothing but a t-shirt, cell phone cam, and our degenerate minds.  It was hilarious, if not inappropriate... but hey, that's what Team Dild's Grill is all about!

As we got up and headed to the trail the overnight/early morning rain was starting to dry while clouds still hung about ominously.  Got to the East Burke Sports parking lot, which I was very surprised to find just about empty, and got ourselves situated.  Bikes all set up, and out onto the trails we started with the grind up East Darling Hill Rd.  Trails were damp, riddled with puddles/mud, and the roots were slick.  Quickly the clouds disappeared and the trails began drying out.  Mosquitoes were a bastard anytime we paused to ensure we were headed in the right direction at trail intersections.

Got a little dirty on the trails... my drivetrain was audibly not happy with the situation!

The ride was great.  There were trail sections hit by some wicked erosion, and crews were out in force so there were some closures, but overall things looked good.  We rode 22.67 miles, and climbed 2451 ft.  Sidewinder was SWEET!!  Last time I rode up here I wasn't confident enough to fly through it... but this time I just pointed and went, and it was a blast!!  I am already thinking about the next time I'm there and how much more aggressive I can be on it. 

As we were coming to the end of the ride we took a wrong turn and extended things.  I hadn't planned on the extra time/miles so I hadn't eaten any of my clif bars ahead of the weakness.  So as my legs were dying I snacked on a clif bar in hopes that it would pick me up enough to get through.  We hit Kitchel to end things off... which was in EXCELLENT shape.  Being worn out, I ate it as I cheated to the inside a little too much and my front tire slide on a soft edge.  No harm, no foul.  I guess it wouldn't have been a ride without a bruise or two to remember it by.

And the nice surprise was that even riding on a Saturday the trails were basically ours, only ran into one group while we were riding/filming on Sidewinder.  When we finished up the parking lot was packed... so I wonder of the masses waited out the morning in hopes the weather would improve.  I liked the earlier start, kept the temps down for us for the majority of the ride.  On the garmins it read a starting temp of 66 and ending temp of 82!  

I would love to get back up there another time or two before the summer ends.  With school ending next week it will open up the possibility of a mid-week visit.  And a nice spa/ride weekend for Annie and myself sounds like a real deal!!

What about this??
Do you think Pedro's will jump on as a sponsor??

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  1. Great trip, one of these days I have to ride there. Another thing to add to the bucket list...which keeps growing.