Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm really afraid I won't remember to vote, or be able to find the way to my designated voting place... maybe the kind annoying campaign people who have either stopped by the house or blew up my cell everyday for the past couple days can come by and walk me to the polls?

If I wait until like 6:30-7pm, you think they will come knocking on my door?

Of course I'll be voting today.  But that's it.  This isn't a political blog so that nonsense stops here.  Well first - make sure you get out and vote!!  Ok, that's it.  Well... here's a message and then I swear it's on to more interesting topics.

(old(er) people should vote too!)

Yesterday my first day of diet/training went... well.  I got a ride in and I'm back to looking at healthier meals and more appropriate portions. Of course the day I decide to start back on a health kick Annie comes home with some Bojangles'.  Cajun Chicken n' Biscuit - insanely awesome.  I'm not one for fast food, but I can't say no to this.  And their sweet tea is freakin phenomenal!!

So, with the unhealthy challenge facing me on my first day "back," it was time to hit the trail and earn the unhealthy goodness I was about to consume.  

For a while I'd wanted to hit up a trail I had been hearing about.  From the sounds of things it was a more natural, rugged trail with some decent climbs.  Perfect, I like a trail that makes me work.  So I hit up Steve's/Rocky River Trail.  It has only recently been dubbed Rocky River Trail, as the trail is on private land and the work of... well.... Steve.  Definitely a labor of love, and the trail was SWEET!!

It is a trail that begs you to go faster, and if you aren't careful you'll find yourself in over your head - or in my case, tumbling over your head.  I guess I was having a little too much fun enjoying some speed on the trail when I came over a little hump and my inner monologue kicked right in, "I REALLY hope my handlebar doesn't catch on that sapling!"  

I think even before the crash happened I was already planning the impending fall and scanning for where to angle my body.  Sure enough the left grip was slammed back at me and I went over the front. My arms over my head I aimed for a mid trail crash.  I was probably mid-air and horizontal with the bike before I got unclipped, my right shin smashing the frame.  I got separated from my bike and braced for impact.  I tucked and rolled and as my helmet hit the ground I had another thought, "I'm not going to tumble into that tree over there, am I?  It would really not feel good to smack my back on that thing!"

Somehow I pulled out some sort of breakdance move and paused as I was on my head (that, or I just didn't have enough momentum to complete the tumble).  I paused there (in reality I'm sure there wasn't much of a pause, but in my brain I was definitely aware of the pause and had time to think how uncomfortable it was) and then pushed myself all the way over.  

I sat up and took stock of everything for a second.  I pulled my helmet off - it was fine.  My right shin throbbed and my left foot hurt (must have struck the top tube on separation).  No real blood.  I stood up and dusted some of the leaves off of me - spotted a Gu that had been ejected from my jersey pocket so I gathered that up and checked to make sure I didn't lose anything else.  Picked up my bike - everything seemed to be in order, wheels spun fine, no dents/scratches that I could see.

So onward I pedaled.  Of course the crash was now in my head and I was scrubbing speed left and right.  Probably a good thing as there were a lot of twists and turns out there, and having never ridden the trail it was probably wiser to take a slower approach to get a sense for the terrain.  

The trail used the terrain very well.  And although the place was twisting, it didn't seem super tight or annoying.  I thought it was a very well planned out trail.  There was a bit of off camber stuff out there, which I can only imagine is a nightmare with any wetness on the trail.  There were three climbs out there, the first one caught me off guard and as I tried to shift down the chain dropped.  I got it back on and continued climbing... it kicked my ass.  I stopped and took a seat at the top to catch my breathe.  

For a second I wondered if the crash really took it out of me that bad.  It may have played a minor roll in my fatigue, but I think the real culprit was dehydration.  In the "colder" weather I've been drinking less water.  A LOT less water.  I haven't been drinking throughout the day like I typically do - so I think my body was ill prepared.  Anytime I did take a drink (it was gatorade) on the trail I instantly felt a burst of energy.  Note to self: get on top of staying hydrated!

Bottom line: loved the trail.  Definitely a place I'll be hitting up again and again.  

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  1. great comment on the crash to break dancing move, I can almost picture it perfectly seeing the image you got posted there, could be downright scary though, I have always gotten out of messes with tuck and roll but to feel arms and legs extended while on my head.....scary..... good thing you came out ok