Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So, it was a quick fix for Georgia.  The front derailleur was gooed up by something - likely gatorade.  Silly - but I'm glad it was something simple.  The rear derailleur even got a little love and now everything is shifting super smooth again.  Job done, same day - $15.  Not bad!  Great little LBS for sure.

We had visitors this weekend - Annie's parents and their little wiener dog.  It was a dry-run for Thanksgiving, we had to make sure all the puppies got along before we went up there.  Good news, they got along just fine.  Good/bad news for me: gained a pound over the weekend/BUT I had already lost 3 going into the weekend.... so ended the week with a loss of 2 pounds!  Not bad for the first week back on track.... but still more track to get onto.  I need to start getting a workout routine going, as well as log more hours on the bike(s)(and of course trainer...).

I also think I have my build specs ironed out for the One9 - next step, start buying up parts.  I got a check in the mail from my car insurance in Mass since I had paid for the year but have since transferred to NC insurance (got to get my license and plates this week) - so free money!!  It will at least get the ball rolling on parts.

I'll keep you posted on progress once I start getting parts put on.

I hit up a new trail this weekend... but I'll tell you about that tomorrow.    Hopefully I'll get out for a ride or two today (might do a little night riding tonight) as long as this doesn't eat up all my time...

out today

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