Thursday, November 8, 2012

There it is!

Yesterday I was feeling like an easier ride, so I hit up Colonel Francis Beatty yesterday.  During this ride I discovered two things.

1.  There is a black diamond trail section that I had previously missed.  It is when you come off the little road section and there is that rocky rooty "pro" line that arrows seem to dissuade you from taking.  I had previously not taken that line guessing it had been rerouted, but my curiosity got the best of me and I went for it yesterday.  Although I didn't clean it on my two attempts, I did see that there was a trail going off to the right up at the top with a black diamond designation.  I can't believe I had missed this before!!

Such a gem of a trail.  It provided actual technical challenges with some big rooty step ups and some actual log crossings that hadn't been built up with dirt or rocks to make them roll overs... it was quite nice to find!!  Riding that section also added a bit of an eery feeling when it got into some thick woods - almost felt like a dark forest from a fairy tale... brought you into a whole different world from the rest of the trail.  Def going to be a fixture in all future rides.

I even came across a feature on this section.  I didn't hit it because I was carrying so much speed coming to it that I didn't quite feel I'd be able to stay on it due to the approach angle... but it looked certainly rideable at a lower speed.

You can carry a bit of speed coming from that little hill in the background.

2. It was REALLY nice to spin.  According to my "suffer score" I was riding tempo 59% of the time - which is huge for me.  Lately it seems like I ride in threshold for the majority of my rides.  What was really nice about the ride was that I didn't necessarily feel like I was taking it that easy - I was just spinning more.  Good times for sure.  After the ride my legs were telling me that I got a good work out in - so I'll have to make sure I remember to use my gears and get spinning a little more often out there.

Although we aren't getting hit with snow like NE is, the temps have dipped and it was brisk out there.  Not horrible, but enough chill in the air to make you think about it at the start of the ride.  A long sleeve jersey is all I need so far - once you get moving and into the trees things tend to warm up.  But it makes me smile as I know conditions aren't as favorable up north - so I won't let myself us "low" temps in the high 40's/low 50s as an excuse not to hit the trails.

And of course, what ride would be complete without a little blood?  I took a corner with too much speed (combined with fallen leaves) and the bike slide out from under me.  I wouldn't call it a crash - but it did leave me with my left knee skinned.  Hey, I had to even out the injuries on my legs!


  1. Hardly anyone rides that section, but I think it's pretty fun. Glad you found it.

    How's that single speed coming along?

  2. Yeah, it looked like it's been missing some love out there... but I'll take it as a secret section : )

    Ah the Niner... it's still sitting there. I'm constantly looking at parts/deals but unfortunately I'm not in a position to start buying building yet. Very antsy but I've got to be a good boy, ha ha