Monday, August 20, 2012


Holy schedules Batman!!

I'm still alive.  Bike wise - might as well be dead.

As soon as I decided to get "serious" and race the final bout in the Southern Classic Series things got out of hand over here.  Annie and I headed up to CT to visit the family and see my brother while he is back stateside (for a short time).  So that was RIGHT after the plan was to get some serious training in... yup - throw 5 days with no chance of riding right in there.

Then I get the official notification of my hire (YAY!!) while in CT and volunteer (I'm a hard worker) to come in prior to my "start date" to get familiar with things down here and get started on the work ahead.  That turns into piles of schedules (when I say piles I mean legit piles... stack the paper up and it might just eclipse Annie) to be done... learning a new computer system, graduation requirements, promotion requirements, etc and cranking out schedules while jumping around through drug tests, finger printing, "ice breakers" etc and I've been living 12+ hour days to get all this paperwork churned out for this morning so schedules can be run - errors can be found and corrected - so we are all "set" for open house on Wednesday.

This has meant no weekend.  Straight work.  No pre ride of the course.  No real riding.  My wheels lay tireless in hopes that they will FINALLY be tubeless again... hope I have time to set them up and test them before the "race."

What's better than an ill prepared-for race at the END of the "season"?  Nothing.  You know why??  Because it at least means I'm racing again.  What will I get out of it (other than my ass handed to me with southern charm?), well let me tell you.

I'll be in the woods riding the snot out of my bike after a looooong grueling introduction to my new job (I've been so busy I don't even know my own phone number over there - but that's ok because they haven't set up my voicemail yet sooo....).  I'll be riding a new trail - which does make me kind of nervous racing something sight unseen.  Enough people do it though, so I guess I won't die or anything (knock on wood, would you?).  What else.  Oh, it will be a nice adventure - Annie is excited to come out and support Sean and I (he's playing with the idea of racing singlespeed) as we race - supposedly it's a pretty cool scene (beer vendors and whatnot) so that will be fun.  Who knows, maybe I'll meet a few people up there.  If nothing else at least I'll have something bike related/interesting to share with you next week.

Future plan - I've got to bring the 4300 back up to CT to leave at my parents house so at least I'll have something to ride when I'm up visiting... who rides a 26 inch wheel anyway??

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  1. Good luck with the new job. Go ahead an race Dark Mountain. It will be fun. Lots of climbing, and super fast descents. See ya there!