Monday, August 6, 2012

I've been lazy

I've been horrible with blogging, sorry!  I have footage from our visit to Warrior Creek that I have yet to finish up and post.  When I was going over the footage I wondered why the angle was kinda low... duh, I dropped the bars and didn't account for that with the camera placement on the helmet.  A well, it's ok and I've got some stuff to string together.  Actually, most of what I've kept for the final cut is one long continuous string because that place is just so flowy it's nice to show the transitions and whatnot.  I'm not loving the helmet mount anyway... way too bumpy on the trails.  And the handlebar mount is so freakin small you can't get it towards the center of your bar... we'll see what I can rig for future filming. It does great 3rd person shots so I may just focus on that... those just take so much time and your ride really has to focus on filming when involving those shots... we'll see.

I am sorry to say that I will continue to be horrible with the blogging this week as Annie and I will be up in CT/Boston to visit with my family and see my brother - who has been away with the Peace Corp for the last 2 years.  Before that he was teaching in Thailand and then touring South America.  He's a globetrotter, so I'm always psyched when he's back stateside.  We'll be gone all week... so next week hopefully I'll be back on track here.

Prior to the weekend Sean and I were talking about next years races and I threw out that I might enter a race this year just to test the waters.  Debate ensues and it looks like he and I will be racing the last race of the Southern Classic Series.  We didn't get to ride Dark Mountain when we were up at Warrior Creek because of rain.  This weekend we didn't get to ride Dark Mountain... because of rain.  But we'll get up there to pre ride (at least once) and start getting our asses in race form as close to what might look like someone thinking of race form race form...

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