Monday, August 27, 2012


I "raced" this weekend.

It was fun (minus the vomiting during the race).  It was a great trail.  A nice mixture of the southern style with a bit of the bumps I'm used to up on New England.  I could start throwing out a bunch of excuses/would-have could-haves right about now but I'm not going to.  All I want to say is at the end of the day it was a great race - in that it reminded me of the joy (and pain) of racing mountain bikes.

The race also brought to light just how small the world really is.  I got to meet fellow blogger Chris at the race.

I even got some inside top secret info on what's going down over at B-43 headquarters.  But I won't spill the beans.  I will say it's very cool stuff and I'm envious for sure!!

My buddy Sean raced and had a good showing.

We got to hang out with our LBS guys out there and now I've got some new rims on the way to remedy my issues with the tubeless set up.  I'll get into that when they are all set up and ready to roll though.

I'm looking forward to next season already - hopefully I can get a full season in.  Plus, we have a winter season down here so I won't be stuck on trainer intervals all winter like this year.  It's a whole new ball game - time for me to step up and represent for NE.

It felt sooooo damn good to get out there and race again.  I guess I'm just a positive person, but even with not so stellar results I can always see the room to improve, and hold on to the desire to do so.  PLUS, the weather is finally turning to rider friendly temps.  Time to start planning some camping/riding trips in the mountains!

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