Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the sweet pain

Tuesday I stayed after school to watch girls basketball scrimmage.  A couple of my players from last year asked me to check it out, plus I was interested to see who made which squad.  During the down time before the scrimmage tipped off I hit the weight room.

I'm trying to put together my weight program for the off season.  As of now I think I'll be balancing a "maintenance" program with a "gain" program.  Still figuring out which muscles will fit into which category... may depend on different "days" or programs... but one thing is for sure, legs will definitely be in the gain category.  This year I quickly backed off doing any serious weight with the legs as it totally destroyed me on the trails for days after heavy leg sets.  So I'll do all my gaining in the winter, and let the riding and high reps do the rest during the season.

Oh, about the scrimmage.  I was pleased with the performance of my girls.  I'm not a father, but I imagine the pride I feel when I see former players out on the court pales in comparison of that of a parent.

Also, got my trainer "test" out of the way.  The test was to get a base for my HR to utilize throughout the program, but it also was a good check for the fit of my bike on the trainer.  HR was the easy part.  After my ride I decided to take the file to the trainer and shave off a little more just to get a better fit in the skewer cup. 

I found a random video up on youtube someone had posted from a race they did that I watched whileon the trainer.  It did enough to keep my mind occupied while spinning along, and at times I found myself pushing harder as if I would be able to pass the rider in front of me (or to catch one in the distance).  We'll see how the training videos do as motivation, otherwise a self directed workout with a race video going on might be the way to go... we shall see!

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