Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bike Thong... it's what the cool kids wear!!

Annie and I spent a little time this weekend converting our extra bedroom into a training/workout room.
And, I got the HiFi fitted on the trainer!!  Took a little filing here and there, but now it's snug as a bug in a rug

If 29ers weren't tall enough... put it on a trainer and you better find yourself a step stool!

Yeah, I'm sporting the complete set - mat, bike thong, and phone/remote holder (not pictured, 2 climbing blocks).

I've got three, count em, three training videos to utilize.  The deal at the LBS was two videos, and they even dug up a mountain bike video for me.  When I got home and opened up the trainer out popped another video, and luck be a lady, it wasn't one I already had!!  SCHWEET!  

1. Mountain Biking (no longer available as a DVD - you can download it on your computer, but I got the classic DVD suckers!!) from the TrainRight series from Carmicheal Training Systems.

2. Force - from the realRides series with Robbie Ventura

3. Race Day  - from the realRides series with Robbie Ventura (the freebie!!)

Now I'm all set to get my "trainer on" once the weather completely turns on us... until then, I'll be tearing it up on the 4300 whenever possible... which will mean more forays into the realm of night riding!!


  1. Why did you put you "A" bike on the trainer?

  2. I planned on keeping it out of the snow and grime this winter (I tend to ride along the Charles River and whatnot in the winter) - so that would leave me with the 4300 to ride on the trails... plus I guess my thought was it would be better to train on the bike you race rather than something else?? Dunno, I'm a newbie.