Friday, December 30, 2011

Media(less) Friday

We are back... we've been back, but I've been taking my sweet ass time to get back into things.  Which isn't really true because I'm still off of work.  Annie has had a long two day week, so I really feel for her.

So since I'm back, and every one else has done a holiday recap of the goodies they've received I guess that just means one thing.  It's my turn!!

Since I'm still groggy and needing to get my ass in gear for a ride, not a long day of doing nothing, I'll do a quick picture-book recap of the bike related stuff I got.

I'll throw it in again, but I already mentioned the sweet helmet I got.

Then I got this nifty "gorilla grip" so that I can attach my camera to pretty much anything for some sweet 3rd person angles on future rides.

It will even attach to odd shaped things!!

Next I got some tools to keep the trails open and free from decapitating foliage. 

I will hack you!!
And then I will make you all pretty : )

And after much deliberation with my fellow Team Dild's Grill rider, Sean (Mongo)... and the fact that the winter hasn't been so wintery so the HiFi should be out on the trails and not on a trainer... It was time to cave in a buy a road bike.  So with the cash I got for the holidays as a base, I got myself a little Georgia Bulldog.

Ok, so it's time for me to eat something and hit the trails....  

Happy New Year!!

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