Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wet your whistle

So I didn't have time for a real deal post because last night I was in the process of going here are a things to look forward to:

Update on the tubeless situation... Oh yes, it's a situation

I expect a sweet camera will be arriving here soon, so expect some action on here

After some more use I've got a solid review of the of the Dild's Grill team edition jacket in the works

With the long weekend at the doorstep, and Annie leaving for Texas to visit a friend, I'm sure I'll have a new trail (or two) under my belt.

Today, with the weather actually looking like Spring/Summer, Annie and I will hit up Cutler Park - she'll probably have that ride report for you next week

So there you have it, just a little "heads up" to hopefully tide you over (and keep you coming back) until I get a solid post up here.

Have a great, fun-filled, safe, Memorial Day weekend!!

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