Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shoe Jackman

I came on here to talk about my new shoes, but Michael beat me to it. Uncool.

*deep breath*


So instead, I'll simply mention that my 5 minute "clip-in/clip-out" practice in the middle of my kitchen last night was a real eye-opener. Halfway through playing with my new shoes (if you'd like to see a pic of my new accessories then go ahead and visit my hijacking husband's last post), it dawned on me that I'm about to progress through a mountain biking "point of no return" that I may or may not be ready for.

Over the last few rides we have gone on (the Charlotte ride in particular) my feet have been sliding all over the pedals. Riding on the balls of my feet feels the best and provides the best performance, but within minutes my feet slide forward and I end up pedaling on my arches. The whole phenomenon has a ninja purity about it considering that I have no recollection when, or for how long, the arch riding has been going on.

Also, I have often felt the need to get more power by pulling up on my pedals as well as pushing down. I instinctively did this in Charlotte and ended up disconnecting completely from my right pedal thus slamming it into the back of my ankle. I'm fairly impressive when it comes to handling pain, but ankle slicing is completely beyond my discomfort threshold.

Therefore, I need to progress to the next level even if every time I think of riding clipped in I imagine myself coming to a complete stop, failing to clip-out and then just falling over like a domino.

To my husband: Please don't beat me to the punch when it comes to discussing shoes again. You know how I feel about shoes.


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