Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm tired.  It's the weather.

Miserable all week long.  Just a long, damp, cold, drizzly mash of days.  And now my ass and legs hurt cause I hit the gym Sunday and did squats.  Thought about riding on Tuesday (since the precipitation maintained at an annoying drizzle) to get the legs moving and check in on that seat height but my tiredness won out.

I figure today I will HAVE to get some sort of ride in as I don't want to really go into this weekend cold.  Plus, might give me the opportunity to figure out what I'll be wearing for the race (in the case that it is still raining for the actual event on Sunday).

Speaking of what to wear...
On my ride up in the 'dale (Willow's neck of the woods) this past Saturday I got to sport the Dild's Grill edition Vaude.  It did the job and took out 50 degree chill like a champ.  Yet, as I was flying through the forest things got a bit steamy.  50s for me is usually fine, so I wasn't going to sport the jacket, but in the parking lot the wind was nipping and I thought why the hell not.  In the end I was happy to drop it back off at the car before I spun out for the second half of my ride.  Don't get me wrong, I have no complaints.  It did it's job, felt great, fit like a glove, did not restrict movement in any way, held gear in the rear pocket without issue, and even had a nice "media" pocket on the right breast for the phone.

I plan on being up at Willowdale some point on Saturday for another attempt at a pre-ride... may hold off until the afternoon in hopes that it will be marked off by then...  but it will give me a good sense of what is in store (conditions wise) for the race.  Parents are likely coming up for this one, which may enable Annie to bring the dogs.



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