Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Ringin' It

Saturday Annie and I went out to Wompatuck to get her out on her clipless pedals.  Don't believe whatever she writes - she did awesome on the ride!!  I won't go into any details whatsoever as I don't want to be beaten into submission like I was for the last post (you'll see...).

Sunday I struggled with where to ride...  I wanted to head up to Ipswich to ride at Willowdale (the site of my next race) as the last time I rode there half of the park was still covered in snow.  I hopped into the internets and searched for a race map - but what I found instead was another rider's request for a race map and the response was hopeful, yet crushed my drive to get up there to ride.  EDIT: The facebook snipet janked up the whole page, and so it has been removed.
Considering how much snow there was the last time, and the water levels I've seen just driving around, I assumed that riding up there on Sunday would be a bust.  So I decided to ride over at Cutler Park.  I had seen reports over on NEMBA that some riders had cleared things up and the trails were good.  And boy were they right!!  It was a fun fast ride.  I was able to throw down in the big ring on the majority of the ride.  The other reason for the fun was my new gear.  
So you know about the garms (garmin edge) but you don't know about my new Pearl Izumi Elite Bib Shorts.  I wanted to get them for the first race, but didn't want to order bib shorts over the internet because I wasn't sure of the fit and whatnot.  While we were in The Web I got myself a pair when I got Annie her shoes.  LOVE them.  Consider me a full on bike nerd now.  They were soooo comfortable and it was nice to not catch any baggy shell on the nose of the seat, or have them slide down over the knee.  Just full on riding!
The next big purchase will probably be some new shoes, which I have at least narrowed down the color.  I'm digging my red sneakers - so I think (if possible) my next shoes will be red - add a little flash out there.  Probably a new helmet on the horizon as well... but one step at a time here.  
I think my "race kit" will obviously include the PI Bibs and my jersey (since it's my only jersey with black in it).  Looks like rain for the majority of the week... boo that!  But on the bright side I guess I'll be able to get back to the gym - haven't worked out in about a month! YIKES!

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