Monday, May 16, 2011

Round 2

Sunday is my second race.  And in preparation for it... it is going to rain all week, YES!

On Saturday I got up to Willowdale to attempt to ride the course.  The course has not yet been marked for this year's race, but I found a gps track of the supposed course so I was going to Boy Scout my way around the course.  Well, that didn't turn out so good but I put in some miles out there and will at least be a pro at half the course, in either direction.  I felt good out there, and you know you did your job when stairs are no longer you friend when you get home.

I bumped the seat up a bit more before heading out and it felt good again... I want to make sure I get out and ride this week, even if it's just on the road, to make sure it's a good height.  I have a feeling I want to take it back a smidgen, but no ill-effects or loss of power/mobility were felt out on the trail.  I also have a slow leak after catching a thorn the other week riding along the Charles... figures doesn't it?  I patched it on the ride, but I guess there were two punctures... it's still holding and didn't lose anything over the ride, so may just leave well enough alone.

Found out that this race (for Cat 3/Novice) will be 8 miles (according to the, not 10.  The singletrack is pretty tight, so passing will be interesting... just means the start is more important I suppose.  And I'll have to really push on any doubletrack to either pass or keep my place.  Felt good on the trails, but I'm not excited at the prospect of a wet course.  There is some off camber stuff covered with roots - add moisture and we are looking at a slick mess.  Right now my class (Novice Vet I) only has 10 other riders in it... not sure if more will still register, or if they are waiting to register on site, but I had figured I'd be in a bigger field than I was for Winding Trails.

I want to look into getting a tubeless set up going on the HiFi so I can run lower pressure and feel a bit more confident on the sketchy stuff grip wise.  The wheels are tubeless ready so I'm good on that front and the tires are of course not... so I'm in the market for new tires and a tubeless kit - suggestions anyone?

Sunday I got to the gym for the first time in over a month... it was tough to muster up the motivation to go, but when I got there I felt... good?  It felt good to be working out, but I felt tired.  Probably not the best time to get back in the gym (the week of a race) so I'm not sure if there will be a follow up visit this week, but it makes me hopeful that I will be able to get back into the routine... hopefully.  I was not pleased when I stepped on the scale, could do with dropping about 10 lbs... so back to cooking dinners and NOT snacking.  I actually don't mind it, I kinda like being scheduled and organized in terms of meals and eating.

Speaking of meals... with a later start time I'll have to think about my pre-race meal.  For my first race the start was early, so it was easy.  Oatmeal about 2 hours before and then a clif bar an hour out from the race.  Now I'm set for a noon start - AFTER the Elite, Expert, Sport, SS go off at 10... so this all makes my arrival time and meal a whole new ball game.  Playing with the idea of getting up there early and taking some pictures of the first wave - but I'm a bit worried that it will either make me a. nervous or b. late/ill prepared for my own race.  I'll think about it.  The course is about 40 minutes from me... decisions decisions.


  1. I made the leap to tubeless last year and it has helped in being able to run lower pressure = better traction, and have rarely flatted (just jinxed myself). Having tried both tubeless specific tires (GEAX), and non-specific (Maxxis Ignitors),I found the Ignitors to be much better. Just grab the tubeless valve stems, a quart of Stan's, an air compressor and use your current tires. First few tries were frustrating for me but stick with it and they should air up.

  2. Awesome news, thanks TJ. Probably won't get tubless before this weekend but I'm excited!