Thursday, April 14, 2011

You are the weakest link

Sick, since Sunday evening.  The both of us really.  I'll skip any gory details (not that there really are any) but both Annie and I were out sick Monday.  Annie returned to work on Tuesday while I suffered through day two.  Wednesday I returned to work, but still feeling the effects.

What am I sick with, you may ask?
First, thank you for asking.
Second, I have no idea.

Sunday night I had this weird loopy/dizzy thing going on with the old noggin.  Literally felt like I was going to fall over when I stood up.  That continued into Monday.  Monday night I started getting some "stomach" issues and couldn't sleep. So Tuesday I was exhausted and still feeling loopy/dizzy with a headache/fever thrown in there for good measure.  Tuesday night started feeling some pressure in my sinuses and that is always fun.  Very strange side effect (or main effect, not sure at this point) is numbness in my right hand - mostly half my hand, on the pinky side).

And then at work on Wednesday got the numb/tingly feeling in both hands... SWEET!  Just briefly.  I was talking to a coworker who had been ill the week prior, and she confirmed that her scenario also involved a weak/tired aspect to it.  Viral.  Fun.  She eventually ended up with a sinus infection which antibiotics took care of.  That may be the route I'm heading.

My biggest concern is the weak feeling aspect as my first race is Sunday.  Even though I haven't had much of a hunger throughout the past couple days I'm doing my best to eat regularly and I'm drinking water like an elephant (with some gatorade thrown in there as well).  I'm not even sure elephants drink a lot - or even appropriately.  But elephants are cool cause they can suck it up in their trunks (which really isn't that great in the way of getting "clean" water) and then spray it into their mouth....

so in this example their trunks are the like a water bottle, and the water is water, and their mouth is you guessed it, my mouth.  Let's just hope they can keep their trunks on their face - since I can't seem to get a water bottle into a cage.

Hopefully I can just treat my body like it's all good, and it will in fact be all good.

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