Thursday, April 28, 2011

new toys!

Late post - sorry!!  But yesterday was full to the brim with new bike stuff!!

The other day I bought myself a Garmin Edge 500 with wonderful tax return monies!!  I got it home, busted open the box and drooled over the gear I got.  With the garmins I got the heart rate monitor (something I've never had/used) and the cadence johnson (again something new to me).  So while the garmins was charging up I stuck the cadence junk on the HiFi. 

Yesterday I got to use the new toys (sans heart rate monitor) for the first time.  I took a ride from work to a local trail.  The ride was eh due to blow down all over the place so the trails were kinda crappy.  Plus, I think Charlotte spoiled me with their smooth, cleared trails.  More often then not I'm riding leaf covered trails that are at times hard to follow... nothing cleared nicely like you get down south.  But then again, it is rare to find mountain bike minded/designed trails around these parts - seems like we just ride what we have (hiking trails).  So anyway... I rushed home after the ride and plugged the bad boy in and YIPPEE!!  I got a whole bunch of data and a map of the ride - how sweet is that??  If I get out for a ride today - all depends on the possible thunderstorms - then I'll add the heart rate monitor to the mix.  I'm excited as all this extra data will only help push myself more during rides to ensure I'm getting the most out of it.  FUN FUN!!

Check it:

While we were in The Web I bought Annie some  bike shoes (2 shoes, one for each foot) for her birthday.  So last night after I played with my new toy I switched out the pedals on Annie's Wahoo and she got to practice clipping in and out.  Taking off pedals is a bastard... seriously.  I had to take a mallet to the wrench to get those platforms off!!  But ah well.  Now she's offical, and we'll probably be out at Wompatuck this weekend getting her practice and hitting up some singletrack.  She certainly enjoyed the trails in Charlotte, let's just hope she enjoys the New England versions.

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