Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rain can suck it!

Loading up this morning for our road trip to Charlotte.  We'll stop in Morgantown tonight to see the family there.  Continue on in the morning to Charlotte.
There is a threat of rain pretty much everyday we are down there... but we are bringing the bikes anyway.  I get to pick up the 4300 when we are in Morgantown (it's been there since I shipped it down for our Daytona trip in February).  It will be nice to have it back for my rides with Annie because on the 29er I end up just rolling away from her.

When I got back into biking the addiction set in pretty quick.  And now it's official, racing has me hooked.  I certainly have a long way to go to be considered any sort of a real threat, but I love it.  I loved the whole scene, I loved the personal challenge, and I will enjoy the training aspect.  I've really enjoyed riding, but I've never had anything pushing me on my rides... I just rode.  Still fun, for sure, but I never had that push to really challenge myself on rides.  But now I have that motivation.  For a person that isn't super organized/structured I really DO like scheming and planning.  I enjoy my workout routines I put together, and recording my performance (for no real purpose other than to keep it up) so I think having races in mind, tracking my finishes, setting purposeful training rides to push my limits and increase endurance and speed will be a fun new challenge.

Keeping my fingers crossed we get some riding in down in Charlotte... it will be nice for Annie to get more riding in, might get her some shoes while we are down there so we can get her riding clipless, and it's always nice to be able to explore trails in a different part of the country.  If we do end up in Charlotte it would be a huge plus to have nice local trails as I have to drive to ride living in Boston.  I would LOVE to be able to ride to a trail (or even multiple trails)!

I'm also looking forward to a nice vacation with Annie.  Get away from our jobs, enjoy some time together as we explore a new city and check out prospective neighborhoods.  Friends (and possible moving buddies) are joining us Friday down in Charlotte so I'll get to share war stories with Sean as he's already 3 races into this season.

No rain, and certainly no tornadoes!!  

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