Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walk with a gangsta lean

Normally I love the fact that I work on a campus setting.  I get to escape the little closet of an office I have and walk around.  Go check in on kids as they ride horses, in gym class, pull them from math... whatever.  Just to get up and out of a chair.

Since the HiFi's first scaring I have not enjoyed walking around so much.  The HiFi wasn't the only one to suffer injury.  And no, I'm not talking about beardface who broke his collarbone.  I'm talking about my damn leg.  My initial assessment was the damn IPhone caused the most damage (while my leg destroyed the steroid injected protective cover) which is the main issue with residual annoyance.  But the HiFi, pissed that I let it hit rock, did exact revenge on my leg.

Check out the photo evidence of my injury.
All photos are of my right leg.

Day 1 - Taken when I got home from the ride.

thigh, outside knee

inside knee
Remember, this is only day 1.

Day 2 - yum.  Nice aches and pains walking around.  Definitely feel it when pushing side to side.
here comes the purple

I feel like Prince (purple rain for all you youngins)

I had a feeling there would be something on the inside as well

Day 3 - Motrin helps, but things sure look gross!!
toward the rear of the knee got it the worst 

the HiFi takes no prisoners!!

As the leg transforms.... looks like there will be another opportunity to preride Winding Trails this weekend.  I think I'll be good to go for that - with the weather looking good the next couple days I'll be out testing the leg out.

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